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    The Wedding held at Kingsbury Hotel yesterday and it was limited to selected guests. We review the reasonableness of a contracting officers OCI investigation and, where an agency has given meaningful consideration to whether a significant conflict of interest exists, we will not substitute our judgment for the agencys, absent clear evidence that the agencys conclusion is unreasonable. Biased Ground Rules A biased ground rules OCI exists where a firm, as part of its performance of a government contract, has in some sense set the ground rules for another government contract by, for example, writing the statement of work or the specifications: the primary concern is that the firm could skew the competition, whether intentionally or not, in favor of itself. E.g., The Jones/Hill Joint Venture, B-286194.4 et al., Dec. In that protest, DRS alleged that based on the findings of the OCI report, the PWS for the FOFH task order overstated the agencys actual requirements and thus prevented a fair competition. In the alternative, to the extent the Army argued that the solicitation accurately reflected the agencys requirements, DRS contended that LMIS would have an impaired objectivity OCI as it would be responsible under the FOFH task order for evaluating the deliverables it produces under task order 57. For example, the agencys OCI report makes no mention of the PWS requirement that the awardee review and report issues with system developer deliverables, which DRS alleges would require LMIS to review the documentation deliverables it provides under task order 57. AR, Tab 27, DRS Technical Proposal, at 10; AR, Tab 31, LMIS Technical Proposal, at 12, 16.

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    "Our measurements show that the growth of Jupiter can be dated using the distinct genetic heritage and formation times of meteorites," Kruijer said. "Jupiter is the oldest planet of the solar system, and its solid core formed well before the solar nebula gas dissipated, consistent with the core accretion model for giant planet formation." Assuming that it's accurate, this dating will be a valuable tool in our understanding of how the early solar system formed.For instance, isotope analysis found that Jupiter's solid core formed with the first nebular cloud, only 1 million years after the start of the solar system.I’m at that point in my life where the dating pool consists of 20-somethings who think a 5 to 10 year difference in age makes me old enough to be their father rather than a potential mate, while the rest have all played the merry-go-round of relationships/marriages which failed for whatever reason, and are now free to date again.Suddenly the guy they rejected back in school because he failed to make the upper tier caste system of social status and coolness has now become a hot item in the single mom’s dating commodity market. So let me explain (in Dan Rather terms) why I wouldn’t touch these single moms with a 12 foot pole (the kind of pole I use for things I wouldn’t touch with a 11 foot pole.) First of all, my mother would kill me.I have no idea if these trends are truly global, or throughout the West, or if they will continue into the future (though I can make some educated guesses).

    If I wanted to get seriously involved with a single mom, I’d have to forgo the dream of having a wife where we spend time together before kids, then slowly grow together as parents from the very beginning.Includes income tax preparation related to business assets; business of the home; employment taxes; withholding and estimated taxes; Schedules C, SE and 1040; self-employed retirement plans; tip reporting and allocation rules, etc.Also includes discussion and practice in recording of payroll for a small business. [view & print course content summary] ACC 198 Seminar and Project: Accounting Capstone 3 cr.Instead, I’d have to hit the ground running and learn how to be a fatherly image to kids that are not mine, despite having absolutely no experience whatsoever of being a dad.Kids, who more likely than not would resent me and my presence for not being their dad.

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